SSL Signature Check

Welcome to the home page for SSL Signature Check or SSLSigCheck.

SSL Signature Check (SSLSigcheck) is an email filter designed to be run from within procmail. It will examine the signature and certificate of a signed email, and add header information that will allow the user to create procmail recipes to process or redirect the message.

We've just begun this project and I just wanted to put something here that is not default page.


It's been a while since I coded anything of substance. My day job is more of an admin position, so I'm a bit rusty at coding. I hope to recruit a friend or two to get things going. I have the concept and basic program/data flow all set.


It is my opinion that as the practice of signing email using SSL Certificates (PGP or GnuPG as well) becomes more of the norm rather than the exception, that being able to filter based on the trust and validity of the signatures will in the long run, be the end of SPAM.

This page last updated 06/25/2003.

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For information about SSLSigCheck not found here, please feel free to send me email at bpschuck in users dot sourceforge dot net